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Note: If you want the full set of scripts for Monkey Term choose the MTScripts link above, the JAWS scripts only add the scripts into the JAWS screen reader to make things behave slightly better and leaves Monkey Term itself unchanged. Also the JAWS Scripts are included with the MTScripts download.

Monkey term, an open source gpl mud client

Monkey Term supports triggers, aliases, timers, substitutes, variables, on load event, on close event, on connect event, on disconnect event, sound playback, triggers and aliases. It supports vb scripting in a very open manner. The scripting is powerful enough to write offline games that you play by just opening up an xml file and following instructions on screen. Scripting isn't necessary to use it though, it's trigger and alias creation is pretty simple and streight forward.

I've used the scripting capability extensively however, and I'm getting results. I'm makeing the results of my attempts available on this site. The results are compiled into an installer that installs a Monkey Term Overwrite that I call MTScripts. Basically, mTScripts overwrites some of MonkeyTerm and gives it more functionality, including but not limited to makeing it talk directly to screen readers so that blind people like myself can mud with it, the ability to play up to 32 compressed sound files simultaneously, etc. If You're interested in MTScripts, there's a link to it at the top of this page. I'm not the first or the last to take Monkey Term and fiddle with it, but Monkey Term is no longer in active development. People have tended to turn to Mush Client, VIP Mud, and other worthy alternatives. But I really love Monkey Term, and continually go back to it not long after my first try of some alternative that I wanted to learn about. I just like how it puts so much open power at your fingertips without makeing it's interface all that complicated. You'll find that a lot of the stuff I've impliminted has been around for a long time, but I kind of like how I put it all together in one nifty little installer that also includes scripts to make jaws more accessible with it.

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