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An introduction to MTScripts

MTScripts is a sort of makeover for the open source mud client Monkey Term. It installs into the same folder as Monkey Term, replacing some of it's files to change and enhance Monkey Term's functionality. The additional functionality provided by MTScripts includes but isn't limited to a game that is played right inside the Monkey Term client but offline no connection required. Also included are an xml for Alter Aeon- (my favorite mud), Cyber Assault, and lastly Miriani. XML files are a database that contains all the triggers and such for one particular mud, for example. These xml files give some amazing functionality for Alter Aeon. hundreds of hours have went into "Mathayas Alter Aeon.xml". It includes support for Alter Aeon's Client Trigger mode, (also known as KXWT), as well as Alter Aeon's MSP (Mud Sounds Protocol) implementation. MTScripts has been written exclusively by a blind person, that is to say, me. it's primary purpose is and always will be to provide some ground leveling features that help bring accessibility to MUDs in general and on a specific mud to mud basis. Alter Aeon is currently a prime example of specifics. While Alter Aeon is extremely accessible in nature for blind players without extra support, I've managed to take it to a new level by far with Mathayas Alter Aeon.xml. Owing to my new switch to Screen Reader API for supporting screen readers as of MTScripts5.1.5.4, screen readers supported are now JAWS, Window-Eyes, System Access, NVDA and, failing that, good old SAPI5. What ever it takes, MTScripts will speak the text sent to you by the mud. Plus, there is the bonus of being able to make SAPI5 speak specific things separately from the screen reader if any. this means you can, for example, have SAPI5 inform you when your group member's spells go up or down, as seen in the OSM (Other's Spell Monitor) functionality that is included in Mathayas Alter Aeon.xml. Lots of sounds are included that play during game play. On Alter Aeon the Mud Sound Protocol is supported, and many sounds are played that are not part of Alter Aeon's Mud Sound Protocol support.

What now?

If you want to try installing MTScripts, follow the respective link(s) at the top of this page. if you're not interested, well, hmm, maybe try visiting my homepage here
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