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This document describes how to download and install MTScripts. It is a good idea to read this information before installing, just to make sure everything is all set. It's not too hard to do though, so this shouldn't be too painful.

Install Monkey Term

Since MTScripts is a makeover of Monkey Term, it must be installed in the same installation directory as Monkey Term in order to work properly. I recommend that vista and up users install the scripts and Monkey term somewhere in their user folder, documents for instance, to solve problems with UAC. If you did not change the installation location for Monkey Term itself from what it suggested by default, the installer for MTScripts will most likely suggest the same installation directory for it. That said, if you did instruct the installer for Monkey Term itself to put it's files somewhere other than what it suggested by default, such as your documents folder as I am recommending to all users running Vista or newer, you will have to instruct the MTScripts installer to put it's files in the same location in order for MTScripts to even begin to operate properly. If you use the browse button in the MTScripts installer, after you choose the correct folder, make sure in the edit box which shows the path that there are not two monkey terms at the end of the path there. If so you can just go to the end and backspace it off up to and including the back slash, and you should be good to go. Speaking of which, as of MTScripts, the installer will ask you where you would like to install MTScripts.

Download Link for Monkey Term v2.1 installer

Download Monkey Term now

Installing MTScripts

Be reminded one more time that MTScripts overwrites some of Monkey term. If You already have a working Monkey Term and you just are wanting to try MTScripts out, I highly recommend that you create a backup of your entire monkeyTerm folder before installing MTScripts, just in case things don't work as smoothly as hoped. MTScripts doesn't back up the Monkey Term folder for you, so this must be done manually. Of course, if you have a fresh copy and you are installing MTScripts right away, this backup wouldn't be necessary since you wouldn't have anything to lose in your Monkey term folder yet.
  1. Go to start menu, go to my computer. This is called computer in vista
  2. go to local disk (c:), go to program files. If these folders are not displaying, look for a button somewhere that says display the contents of this folder.
  3. Select MonkeyTerm, but don't open it. You can just arrow to it with the keyboard
  4. hold down the ctrl key and press c before releasing both keys. This copies the MonkeyTerm folder to the clipboard.
  5. Hold down the ctrl key again and press the v key before releasing both keys one more time. This will create a copy of the MonkeyTerm folder that is called "copy of MonkeyTerm" or "monkeyTerm - copy" in the case of Vista or Windows 7.
If you run into problems and want to resort to the backup, all you have to do is go back to the folder I just explained how to get to, delete that folder, select the "copy of MonkeyTerm" folder, press f2, press home, and delete the word "copy of" from in front of the name before pressing enter. So basically delete the MonkeyTerm folder and rename the copy you made to "MonkeyTerm". Obviously the steps would be slightly different for renaming the copy on Vista or later owing to the fact that it's called monkeyTerm - copy not copy of monkeyTerm.

Download MTScripts below

There is a link for each version of MTScripts that I have made publicly available. Below each link is a short explanation of what was changed in that version.

Please note:

Alter Aeon has provided me with a copy of their own Mud Sound Protocol MSP soundpack for use in MTScripts with my promise that it will be used only for Alter Aeon. I need you all to help me out by please NOT copying the sounds out of the Alter Aeon MSP folder under the sounds directory in MTScripts for use anywhere besides Alter Aeon. Being allowed to use these sounds are a big help to me and you MTScripts users and having the permission to use them at all removed because someone went and stole the sounds would be a huge slap in the face both to me and all you loyal MTScripts users. If I notice any of those sounds playing somewhere other than Alter Aeon, I will happily inform the Alter Aeon staff of it. Thank you all very much and Thanks in a big way to Alter Aeon for letting us use your own sounds. Some of the sounds in Alter Aeon MSP are sounds that I have placed there and might have a different view on what you can do with them. If you want sounds from MTScripts, contact me before doing so please, so I can let you know which ones are and are not off limits. I think we can make this work.

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